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VALORANT Knife Prices and Skins

Our VALORANT guides continue. In this guide we have prepared for knives, one of the most popular weapons of the game, you will find information about current VALORANT knife prices and VALORANT knife skins.

Current VALORANT Knife Prices – 2023

Before taking a look at the Valorant knife prices, it is useful to learn how you can obtain these weapons, which are preferred by melee masters. There are two different methods for this. The first is of course the VALORANT in-game store. The other is those earned through Twitch.

Regardless of its appearance, a knife deals 50 damage with a left click and 75 damage with a right click. But don’t expect it to kill you in VALORANT.

VALORANT Knife Prices and Skins
VALORANT Knife Prices and Skins: Valorant knives and prices

You can find detailed descriptions below:

VALORANT InGame Store: Various items, such as knife skins, can be purchased in the in-game store. The limited number of melee skins available in this store can be purchased for Radianite Points or VP. Radianite Points can be earned by completing in-game quests and events such as Battle Pass, while VALORANT Points can be purchased for real money.

Twitch Drop Campaigns: Twitch occasionally runs Twitch Drop campaigns for VALORANT, offering items such as special blade skins. It should go without saying that you must have a Twitch account to participate in these campaigns. You must link your VALORANT and Twitch account together. By following the Drop campaigns on Twitch broadcasts, you can get a chance to win prizes.

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Below we have listed the blade skins in Valorant and how many VPs are.

VALORANT Knife Prices and Skins - 1
VALORANT Knife Prices and Skins: Valorant knife cost

All Knives and Prices Valorant

  • .SYS Melee / Battle Pass EP4 ACT3
  • Artisan Foil / Battle Pass EP3 ACT2
  • Sword of the Bound Realms / Price: 3550VP
  • Baton / Price: 3550 VP
  • BlastX Polymer Knifetech Coated Knife / Price: 4350 VP
  • Nebula / Price: 3350 VP
  • Catrina knife Valorant Price: 2550 VP
  • Celestial / Price: 3550VP
  • Delipop Axe / Price: 4350 VP
  • Delipop Dagger / Price: 4350 VP
  • Egemen Kilic / Price: 3550 VP
  • Ego Knife / Price: 3550 VP
  • Elderflame Dagger / Price: 4950 VP
  • Equilibrium / Price: 2550 VP
  • Wrath of Gaia Valorant knife Price: 3550 VP
  • Gensis Arc / Battle Pass EP3 ACT3
  • Task Force 809 Blade / Battle Pass EP5 ACT1
  • GX 11Z Pro Firefly / Price: 4350 VP
  • Hack / Price: 3550 VP
  • Dagger of Ruin / Battle Pass ACT3
  • Hivemind Sword / Battle Pass ACT 2
  • Hu Else / Price: 3550VP
  • Light Relic Sentinels / Price: 4350 VP
  • Iridian Thorn Blade / Battle Pass EP5 ACT3
  • Ion Energy Sword / Price: 3550 VP
  • Ion Karambit / Price: 4350 VP
  • K/Tac Katana / Battle Pass EP3 ACT1
  • Blade / Price: 3550VP
  • Chaos Knife / Price: 4350 VP
  • Snowfall Wand / Price: 2550 VP
  • Outpost Melee / Battle Pass EP2 ACT1
  • Discovery Balisong / Price: 3550 VP
  • Winter Wunderland Candy Cane / Price: 2500 VP
  • Redbeast Hammer / Price: 3550 VP
  • Kingdom Knife / Battle Pass ACT 1
  • Personal Administrative Melee Unit / Price: 4950 VP
  • Luxury Knife / Price: 1750 VP
  • Magepunk Electrosword / Price: 4350 VP
  • Magepunk Shock Glove / Price: 3550VP
  • Neptune Anchor / Price: 3550 VP
  • Obsidiana / Battle Pass EP5 ACT2
  • Oni Claw / Price: 3550 VP
  • Origin Crescent Knife / Price: 3550 VP
  • Prime 2.0 Karambit / Price: 3550VP
  • Prime Axe / Price: 3550 VP
  • Prism III Axe / Battle Pass EP2 ACT2
  • Prism Knife / Price: 2550 VP
  • Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat / Price: 2550 VP
  • RGX 11Z Pro Blade / Price: 4350 VP
  • Serket / Price: 2550 VP
  • Songsteel Sword / Battle Pass EP2 ACT3
  • Spectrum Waveform / Price: 5350 VP
  • Strike / Battle Pass EP4 ACT2
  • Champions 2021 Karambit / Price: 5350 VP
  • Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife / Price: 5350 VP
  • Singularity / Price: 4350 VP
  • Abandoned Ritual Dagger / Price: 3550 VP
  • Termius A Quo / Price: 4350 VP
  • Titanmail Mace / Price: 2550 VP
  • Valorant Go! Butterfly Comb / Price: 3550 VP
  • Valorant Go! Melee / Price: 3550 VP
  • Velocity Karambit / Battle Pass EP4 ACT1
  • Hit Knife / Price: 1750 VP
  • Xenohunter Knife Price: 3550 VP
  • Marauder Knife / Price: 3550 VP
  • Marauder Karambit / Price: 4350 VP
  • Reaver Karambit / Price: 4350 VP
  • Demolition Knife / Price: 4350 VP

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VALORANT Knife Prices and Skins

How to Buy Valorant Points (VP)?

Valorant points are a virtual currency that you can use in-game. It allows you to purchase various items in the game store with VP. You can buy VP Points by following the steps below:

  • Log in to the game
  • Go to the Valorant store and click on “Valorant Points”
  • After selecting the quantity you wish to purchase, make your payment

Your points will be credited to your account after payment.

With the points you purchase, the knife skin you want is now yours. However, it should not be forgotten that some knives can only be purchased from Battle Pass events, as you will see next to the list above.

VALORANT Knife Prices and Skins - 2
VALORANT Knife Prices and Skins: Valorant knife skins price

What is Battle Pass?

Valorant Battle Pass is a seasonal reward programme offered by Riot Games. If you get a Battle Pass, you can earn in-game rewards throughout the season, which lasts about three months. The Battlepass offers players in-game cosmetic items, weapon skins, player cards, Radiant Points, and many other rewards.

You can choose between two different Battlepasses.

  • Premium Track
  • Free Track

Premium has five rewards per track, Free has one or two rewards per episode.

Valorant Map Bind
VALORANT Knife Prices and Skins

Current VP Prices (For buy VALORANT Knife Prices and Skins)

Valorant knives prices don’t change in time. But how you buy it can vary. Sometimes you can buy it with in-game money, sometimes with a battlepass or a raffle.

You can find VP prices below. You can use your VP points to buy knives.

  • 475 VP – $4.99
  • 1,000 VP – $9.99
  • 2,050 VP – $19.99
  • 3,650 VP – $34.99
  • 5,350 VP – $49.99
  • 11,000 VP – $99.99

You can get codes that you can use in the game from many sites. One of them is the G2A.

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Most Preferred and Best Valorant Knives

Valorant players want to change something about their aesthetic. A new map, a different character, a different look, a different weapon… But the knife is a melee weapon that seems to be ingrained in the player’s nature. If you take it out while running, you can run faster.

Knives used for melee attack and defence also have a very player-attractive appearance. If you ask “What are the best knives in Valorant?”, you can take a look at the list below. However, you should not forget that these only affect the game aesthetically.

  • Glitchpop Axe
  • Spectrum Waveform
  • Marauder’s Knife
  • Relic of the Guardians
  • K/TAC
  • Origin Crescent
  • Prime 2.0 Karambit
  • Celestial Fan
  • Elderflame
  • RGX 11z Pro Firefly

Choosing a coating for your knife in Valorant means thinking about which features are important for your style. There are various effects, visuals and different sounds for all of them. This has a direct impact on your enjoyment of the game.

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VALORANT Knife Prices and Skins

Frequently Asked Questions

How many knives are there in Valorant?

There are 74 blade skins in the game, each with a unique design and theme. This number is constantly increasing.

How many VP is the Valorant Xenohunter knife?

Xenohunter, one of the premium skins, is included in the Alien Hunter set. For this reason, its cost is slightly higher than other knives, as it cannot be purchased alone. The set is sold for 7,100 VP.

How many VP is Valorant Gain Vandal?

The Gain Vandal in the Gaia’s Revenge set can be obtained by buying the whole set like Xenohunter. The price of the package is 7.100 VP.

Valorant knife run speed compression

Speed comparison while running 50m with Knife, Phantom, Sheriff, Operator and Odin
by u/Kroelle_Korean in VALORANT

In this article, we gave you information about Valorant knife prices and skins. So which knife is your preference? You can share with us in the comments.

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