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A new fantasy RPG from IO Interactive

IO Interactive announced today that they have been working on a brand new fantasy RPG universe for many years. Although the name of the project is not yet clear, it is currently called Fantasy Project.

A brand new fantasy RPG from the developer of Hitman

The company’s official blog has the following statement:

“It’s been ten years since we first envisioned creating a new ‘Assassination World’ for our HITMAN games. Seven years ago, we launched this world in its infancy and have grown it to include three full games, exciting new game modes, many additional locations and extra objectives. And more importantly, it has allowed us to forge a bond with our community who have supported us ever since. We went from a strong vision, through many unforeseen events, to the ever-expanding world we have today, with freedom of approach at its core.

Now we share with all of you that we are embarking on a new adventure! Expanding our creativity, our capabilities and in a sense our identity. We are building a new world, a new IP – an online fantasy RPG. A world and game built from the ground up to keep players entertained and expanding for years to come. It feels familiar but at the same time, IOI is embarking on a journey unlike anything we’ve embarked on before.”

Also according to the statement, IO is looking for developers to join the team and help contribute to this new fantasy IP.

The shared image has already got us excited and generating a lot of ideas. What do you think? What kind of game can we expect?

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