Batman: Arkham Developer Takes On Hogwarts Legacy Project

Rocksteady Games, the renowned developer behind the Batman: Arkham franchise, appears to have been commissioned to work on the Hogwarts Legacy Director’s Cut remake following the $200 million failure of Suicide Squad. Following the Kill the Justice League project, the London-based studio is working on a new single-player project while also providing support for the Harry Potter spin-off.

Batman: Arkham Developer Takes On Hogwarts Legacy Project

Batman: Arkham Developer Contribution to Hogwarts Legacy

According to Bloomberg’s report in February, Suicide Squad’s fate was clear from the start, and due to the ever-changing vision, Rocksteady struggled throughout the game’s seven-year development process. Warner Bros. had believed that live-service games were the way to go, but the studio, known for solo mission games, struggled to bring the idea to life. The talent inside Rocksteady specialized in melee mechanics, but suddenly found themselves working on a third-person shooter.

While Rocksteady continues to release new content for Kill the Justice League, much of the studio’s focus has shifted to supporting the Hogwarts Legacy Director’s Cut. It’s unclear what exactly this version will contain: an expanded re-release or something completely different.

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