Bethesda explains why their games are usually bugged

Bethesda has a bad reputation regarding bugged games. Pete Hines, who is a Executive for Bethesda, recently explained it.

Bethesda explains why their games are usually bugged

What is the reason behind these bugged Bethesda games?

The Elder Scrolls, Fallout or Starfield, it doesn’t even matter. Bethesda games has always a bugs which lowers the gaming experience of the game. According to Pete Hines, there is a good reason for it.

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Pete Hines, head of global publishing at Bethesda, says that the studio’s developers “embrace the chaos.” The reputation is obviously unintended, but the bug rich experience is seen as a product of Bethesda Game Studios’ dedication to its creative experimentation. “What we try to lean into is player freedom,” says Hines, implying that pushing the boundaries of player freedom in video games often goes hand in hand with unintended consequences.

That’s not to say that Bethesda wants those playing its games to have a bad experience, of course. Hines makes clear that bugs that take away from Bethesda’s games still aren’t acceptable. It’s the bugs that don’t take away from the experience that Bethesda isn’t going to let hold the team back.

Prior to Starfield’s launch in early access, there were considerable worries that it too would be burdened by extreme bugginess. Since reviews have been shared, reports are positive that Starfield is more polished than other Bethesda games.

Bethesda explains why their games are usually bugged

It still has some bugs, but considering Hines’ comments that isn’t a big surprise. Hines even mentions a bug where a shark somehow gets into an elevator and rushes out when the doors open. He asked for the bug to be kept in the game, though he assumes it was probably removed.

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While Hines certainly has a point, because some Bethesda Game Studios bugs do get embraced by the community and make games more enjoyable, it’s a fine line to walk. Considering that you can not run into bugs like you did in other games, this is a special behavior for Bethesda works. Maybe this is what it makes the Bethesda Game Studios.

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