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Dune: Spice Wars First DLC Unveils

Dune: Spice Wars First DLC, introduced a real-time 4X game set on Arrakis. Developed by Shiro Games and published by Funcom, the game is poised to expand its universe with the first post-launch DLC. Paired with the revolutionary Heroes of Dune free update, this release empowers each faction with controllable Hero units.

These new additions promise to elevate the real-time 4X gaming experience to unprecedented levels of excitement and strategy.

Dune: Spice Wars First DLC 'House Vernius of Ix' Unveiled
Dune: Spice Wars First DLC ‘House Vernius of Ix’ Unveiled

Dune: Spice Wars First DLC ‘House Vernius of Ix’ Unveils with Free Major Update

The House Vernius of Ix DLC, priced at €12.99 / $12.99, introduces the technologically advanced Ixians as the game’s seventh faction. Hailing from the technologically advanced Ixian Confederation and led by the cybernetically enhanced Rhombur Vernius, they discreetly explore the self-learning tech forbidden by the Butlerian Jihad.

Much anticipated by the community, the Ixians unlock radically new playstyles focused on research and diplomacy. They have the ability to control a larger number of drones than other factions and possess unique ways of controlling and limiting opponents’ technology. With their high reliance on Standing, Alliances are essential to their success. Thanks to their reduced reliance on water, however, they are unusually effective in the harsh environment of Arrakis.

The Heroes of Dune update marks a major milestone for Dune: Spice Wars, allowing players to control legendary individuals from the Dune universe. With each faction offering a choice of two Heroes, players can recruit from a total of fourteen iconic characters, each with its own active skill, global effect, and localized effects. From Duncan Idaho and Gurney Halleck for the House Atreides to Chani Kynes and Otheym for the Fremen, players can now lead their chosen faction with legendary figures, reshaping the course of history on Arrakis.

In addition to these exciting new features, the free update includes several improvements to combat, enriching the gaming experience and making it more accessible to players of all skill levels.

Newcomers to Dune: Spice Wars can pick up both the base game and DLC at a 10% discount with the Ixian Edition, also available now. The base game is also 35% off during the Steam Spring Sales until March 21. The House Vernius of Ix DLC and Heroes of Dune Free Update are available right now on Steam and Xbox X|S.

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