Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater Details Revealed

Hoyoverse has released Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater with players which is a game mode will be added with the 4.7 update.

Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater Details Revealed
Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater Details Revealed

Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater Details

With the latest special program from Genshin Impact, it’s been revealed that a new game mode called Imaginarium Theater will be added to game. Recently, more details about this upcoming endgame content has came.

In the Imaginarium Theater, each cycle of the game mode will see players selecting a “Principal Cast” of six characters with elemental restrictions and “Alternate Cast” members available after completing challenges. Players will be able to choose different events at different points during the game mode, providing new characters and special buffs. The post also shares details about the Imaginarium Theater’s rewards, with a total of 1,100 Primogems available for first clears and 620 total with each new season.

It will launch on July 1. Players will select 6 characters as an initial Principal Cast from specific elements. Alternate Cast characters can be added by clearing challenges and events. Six Trial characters will be available and players can also borrow friends’ characters. Characters start with 2 Vigor, losing one with each Combat Event and becoming unavailable when reaching 0. Opening Characters receive “Fantastical Blessings,” giving unique buffs in both Imaginarium Theater and outside the game mode. Players can trigger “Events” to gain new characters or buffs. 1,100 Primogems available for First Clear Rewards and 620 Primogems per season. Imaginarium Theater seasons will rotate during the first half of each month.

The Imaginarium Theater announcement also provided more details about how choosing characters within the game mode will function. The Imaginarium Theater will offer six Trial characters for players to add to their “Cast,” teasing five-star characters like Arlecchino, Clorinde, and Wanderer. Players will also be forced to re-assess and alter their parties throughout the Imaginarium Theater, with a character not able to be used more than twice. The Imaginarium Theater will debut later in Version 4.7, officially launching on July 1.

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