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Leaked footage from the GTA 6 engine Rage 9 is impressive

Every day a different piece of information about Grand Theft Auto VI is revealed or leaked. Gaming Detective, which has been on the agenda with some of its previous posts, shows the wave effects of the GTA 6 engine Rage 9 in its latest post.

Leaked wave effect from GTA 6 engine Rage 9

When we watch the video released from two different angles, we can see how realistic the waves are. The shadows cast by the water on the seabed and the water gushes during the collision of two waves seem to have taken the realism to a very high level.

Rage 9 Engine Water Effect

Also, when we watch the video carefully, we can see how powerful the physics engine is by the shape of the wave hitting the rocks in the middle.

Among the comments on the post, there are also some responses saying that this video was used in the presentation in 2016 and that it is a video published about how Rage 9 engine will be.

Leaked wave effect from GTA 6 engine Rage 9

Even though Rockstar has made no announcements about GTA 6 and banned it, we gamers are still eager to get more details about the production. Data miners are also trying all methods to gather even a crumb of information.

At this rate, it would not be a lie to say that many content, some true, some false, is on the way.

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