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GTA RP became part of Rockstar

GTA RP is a server where you can get into different roleplays and enjoy as much as you want. Recently Rockstar revealed that the team behinf FiveM and RedM is now officially part of Rockstar. Everyone is wondering; does this mean GTA 6 will feature roleplay?

One of the biggest names in GTA RP became part of Rockstar

One of the biggest names in GTA RP became part of Rockstar

On August 11, Rockstar announced that – the team of modders behind GTA and Red Dead Redemption’s biggest RP servers, FiveM and RedM – is now part of Rockstar Games.

“Over the past few years, we’ve watched with excitement as Rockstar’s creative community have found new ways to expand the possibilities of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, particularly through the creation of dedicated roleplay servers,” the statement continues. “As a way to further support those efforts, we recently expanded our policy on mods to officially include those made by the roleplay creative community.” has also put out its own statement regarding the acquisition, writing: “This is a huge step forward in the growth of our community, and an opportunity for us to work with Rockstar Games to advance the FiveM platform and the creative community surrounding it.”

The team then goes on to reassure the players of its servers that “while our day-to-day operations won’t have any noticeable changes, with Rockstar’s support, we are going to continue to improve our platform and we are truly excited for what this means for our users, community, and creators!”

Finally, leaving no room for any misunderstandings, then writes: “And for those curious about what else Rockstar is working on, please understand that our partnership with Rockstar Games is focused on our FiveM and RedM platforms. So please, do not ask us about the next GTA!”

That statement did not stop fans from thinking about the possibilities that GTA6 would feature GTA RP though. Even the possibility made fans happy since there are tons of fans that enjoy GTA RP.

There is no doubt that Rockstar did this without any reason, GTA6 will definitely feature something about GTA RP. We hope to see more news about that.

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