Gundam Legends Joining Call of Duty

In June, the legends of Mobile Suit Gundam join the front lines of Call of Duty in a collaboration between Bandai Namco Europe and Call of Duty. This collaboration is causing a stir in the gaming world and brings the iconic mecha of the Gundam series into the Call of Duty universe.

Gundam Legends Joining Call of Duty

New Gundam Operator Skins in Call of Duty

Inspired by the massive mecha that have captured the imagination of generations of Gundam fans, the Call of Duty series will introduce new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Finishing Moves and more. The RX-78-2 Gundam, Char’s MS-06S Zaku II and XVX-016 Gundam Aerial are among the major mecha that will be featured in the game. The RX-78-2 Gundam will be equipped with the Beam Rifle and RX-78-2 Shield, while Char’s MS-06S Zaku II will feature the devastating Heat Hawk. In addition, the XVX-016 Gundam Aerial with its powerful Aerial Rebuild Beam Rifle will also take part in this collaboration.

These Operator Skins and weapon blueprints will be available in popular games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. Various progression rewards such as Gundam-themed Weapon Blueprints, Weapon Camouflages, Vinyls, Decals, Emblems, Weapon Charms and Calling Cards will also be available.

Gundam Tracker Packs

Three Gundam Spectator Packs will also be available for purchase during the event. First up, the Viewer Pack: Mobile Suit – RX-78-2 Gundam showcases Amuro Ray’s classic Mobile Suit with a Beam Rifle, Beam Sword and RX-78-2 Shield. Also included in this pack is the Newtype Finisher finishing move and the lucky Haro weapon amulet.

Gundam Legends Joining Call of Duty

The second package is the Tracker Pack: Mobile Suit – MS-06S Zaku II, features Zeon’s ace pilot Char Aznable. This pack comes with weapons such as the Zaku Machine Gun, Heat Hawk melee weapon and Warship Destroyer rifle. The Wild Searing Slash finishing move and Zeon-themed weapon jewelry and stickers are also included.

Finally, the Audience Pack: Mobile Suit – XVX-016 Gundam Aerial presents the Mercury-inspired Witch kit. This pack includes Gundam Aerial’s Beam Rifle, Aerial Reconstruction Rifle and Escutcheon. It also includes the Suletta and Miorine weapon vinyl, Gundam Calibarn weapon decal, and the “Witch and Bride” loading screen.

Since its debut in 1979, the Gundam series has spanned a vast universe centered around skilled pilots commanding technologically advanced machines. Gundam has a huge fan base with anime series, toys, collectibles, animated series, feature films and video games. This event, which starts in June, offers an unmissable opportunity for Gundam and Call of Duty fans.

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