Harry Potter Quidditch Champions Will Launch at September 2024

At Summer Game Fest 2024, a new game from the Harry Potter universe was announced. Harry Potter Quidditch Champions focuses less on the magical world of Hogwarts and more on the competitive sport of Quidditch. Players will try to rise through the ranks in this fascinating sport.

Harry Potter Quidditch Champions: A Competitive Wizarding Sport

The game will be released in September 2024. According to the publisher, players won’t have to wait long to catch Golden Snitches and score Quaffles. It’s an exciting opportunity for those who want to experience the high-speed magic of Quidditch.

The first game announced at Summer Game Fest is LEGO Horizon Adventures, featuring two-player action with support for couch and online co-op. Coming to PlayStation, PC and Switch, it was greeted enthusiastically by the crowd.

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