Horizon Zero Dawn Series May Be Canceled

Last week, Rolling Stone published a story about the toxic behavior of Steve Blackman, a showrunner at The Umbrella Academy. These allegations were made by at least twelve employees and investigated in depth by Rolling Stone. A major controversy erupted as a result.

Horizon Zero Dawn Series May Be Canceled

Netflix’s Horizon Zero Dawn Series Allegedly Canceled

Blackman has flatly denied allegations that he was a manipulative bully on set. However, after this report surfaced, Rolling Stone speculated that one of Blackman’s other projects, the Horizon Zero Dawn prequel series, may have been canceled.

The show’s rich and gripping story and gorgeous world have long been considered the perfect title for a TV show. It has been sitting in development on Netflix – until now. According to Rolling Stone’s Cheyenne Roundtree, everything connected to Blackman, including Horizon Zero Dawn and Orbital, has been canceled. It’s unknown how far the team went in making the Horizon TV show, but it’s not expected to push the envelope too far.

It’s likely that Sony will produce the TV series with another partner. Especially given the success of other live-action adaptations recently, especially the award-winning series The Last of Us, which broke records and is known as one of the best adaptations in history.

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