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HoYoverse is Making Changes to Content Creator Test Server

HoYoverse recently updated their content creator test server, now, content creator will be able to post upcoming patch’s videos through new testing server.

HoYoverse is Making Changes to Content Creator Test Server

HoYoverse Testing Server Changes

Genshin Impact is one of popular ongoing games of all time. Each patch is highly anticipated from all fans and that’s why leaks are common for all HoYoverse games, just like other ongoing games. Before the release of next patch, HoYoverse makes closed beta for players to test out characters, quests and such. These files can be datamined by dataminers. After the release of beta files, internet is full of Genshin Impact leaks. HoYoverse is acknowledged of these leaks and they are applying DMCA takedowns.

Meanwhile, recently it’s been revealed that a new Content Creator Testing Server is being planned for the game. The purpose behind it would be to allow unreleased content, such as Genshin Impact characters, to be showcased by content creators in both visual and textual formats.

Before being released to the public, the content would have to be reviewed and authorized by HoYoverse. Failure to do so would be seen as a violation of conduct, and would likely result in a termination of the content creator partnership. In particular, it is not advisable to bluntly claim that certain Genshin Impact characters such as Dehya have an awful kit. Instead, content creators are encouraged to list the pros and cons of each character or weapon when using footage and information from the testing server.

This new change will hopefully prevent leaks and it will be better for all Genshin Impact fans.

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