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Hunt: Showdown 5th Anniversary celebration

Hunt: Showdown 5th anniversary is celebrating with a brand-new Twitch Drops campaign that offers a wide range of rewards, including a Legendary Hunter (“Kill Buyer”), and for the first time, special anniversary crates containing various items.

Crytek celebrates Hunt: Showdown 5th Anniversary

In five years, Hunt has gone from strength to strength, with record-breaking CCUs in the past two years and new content added regularly, including new maps, bosses, live events, and hundreds of weapons. Additions in the last two years alone have included the Stalker Beetle, Questlines, fiery map-changer “The Inferno,” fan-favorite boss Scrapbeak, a new map (“DeSalle”), and much more.

Crytek celebrates Hunt: Showdown 5th Anniversary

Live events have offered increasing amounts of rewards, and the Moon Event series that started with Traitor’s Moon and continued through to the most recent Devil’s Moon event have become narrative experiences and gone deeper into the game’s lore. There is always more for current and new players to experience in the Bayou, and there’s never been a better time to play!

Fifth Anniversary Twitch Drops Event

On each day of the Twitch Drops event, players can earn rewards for watching Hunt: Showdown streams. To join in, players simply need to connect their Hunt and Twitch accounts and watch participating Twitch Drops-enabled streamers. Fans can find out more about how to connect their accounts by visiting our dedicated Hunt: Showdown Twitch Drops site.

Fifth Anniversary Twitch Drops Event

Schedule and Rewards:

  • Feb. 23 – March 2: Watch streams for 180 minutes to unlock Legendary Knife “The Marquis”
  • Feb. 24 – March 2: Watch streams for 180 minutes to unlock Legendary Weapon Bornheim No. 3 “Alley Cat”
  • Feb. 25 – March 2: Watch streams for 210 minutes to unlock the Legendary Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez “The Fifth Tale”
  • Feb. 27 – March 2: Watch streams for 210 minutes to unlock Weapon Charm “Gator Eye”
  • Feb. 28 – March 2: Unlock the Gator Eye as a prerequisite and watch streams for 240 mins to unlock Legendary Hunter “Kill Buyer”

Hunt: Showdown 5th Anniversary Video

Exclusive Drop:

Players can also earn an exclusive Drop for watching one of Hunt’s Night of the Hunter partners.
Feb. 23 – March 2 – Watch streams for 210 minutes and unlock Weapon Charm “Hera’s Gift”

New for Twitch Drops

For the first time, there will be random drops of special Hunt Anniversary Crates. Players who watch Twitch Drops-enabled streams for two hours a day will receive a crate with various items in it, including weapons, Hunt Dollars, and equipment. Viewers can earn up to four Hunt: Showdown 5th Anniversary Crates every day during Twitch Drops.

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