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Insomniac Games Leak Revealed Next 5 Games

The massive Insomniac Games leak has revealed the next five games that the studio plans to release and the years it plans on releasing them.

Insomniac Games Leak Revealed Next 5 Games

Big Insomniac Games Leak Revealed a lot

Insomniac Games was unfortunately the victim of a recent ransomware attack, and now the hacker group that stole the company’s data has started releasing its information online. This leak revealed company’s many future plans, which includes details about the PS5 exclusive Wolverine game.

According to the leaks, Liam McIntyre will be playing Logan/Wolverine in Insomniac’s Marvel universe. The rest of the Wolverine game cast has leaked as well, but we won’t be going into those details here since some of the leaked cast could be considered spoilers.

While many assumed that Marvel’s Wolverine would be the next game from Insomniac, the leaks have revealed that isn’t the case. Unless Insomniac’s plans change, a Venom game will be coming in 2025, followed by Wolverine in 2026.

Spider-Man 3 will then drop in 2028, followed by a new Ratchet & Clank game in 2029. And finally, Insomniac’s X-Men game is apparently set to launch in 2030. Insomniac then plans on delivering a new IP sometime in the early 2030s.

Leaked Insomniac Games Titles

  • Venom – 2025
  • Wolverine – 2026
  • Spider-Man 3 – 2028
  • Ratchet & Clank – 2029
  • X-Men – 2030

Insomniac did recently expressed their interest in Venom game and if we consider how fans loved the Spider Man 2, this project would be best for the company. However, the scope of the Venom game remains to be seen. Many have predicted that Venom will be similar in size to Spider-Man: Miles Morales, meaning it will be a shorter, smaller scale game. Of course, the Venom game hasn’t even been announced yet, so that’s purely speculation at this time.

Insomniac Games Leak Revealed Next 5 Games

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With Spider-Man 3, Ratchet & Clank, and X-Men not coming out until the end of the decade, it’s entirely possible that the games are being planned for the PlayStation 6 as opposed to the PlayStation 5. It’s speculated that Sony will release the PS6 console in 2028, so maybe Spider Man 3 is going to be a PS6 launch title.

Then again, Sony released many big cross gen games at the start of the PS5’s life, so maybe Spider Man 3 will be on both platforms. There’s also a chance it will be released only for PS5 and won’t be developed for Sony’s next generation console at all, so fans should keep that in mind.

With the Venom game supposedly coming out in 2025, fans should expect info on that particular project to come first. As for the other games, it will be years before fans know more concrete details about them. It’s also important to note that plans could change, so it will be interesting to see if the leaked games and their planned release windows match up with what actually happens in the years ahead.

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