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IO Interactive Istanbul Office establishes in 2023

Today, IO Interactive announced that the Istanbul office will be established soon. Moreover, as the announcement was made on the official website of the company, job postings for the IO Interactive Istanbul office started to open. Moreover, the company, which is currently working on a new James Bond game, made the following statements about the studio;

IO Interactive Istanbul office establishes

IO Interactive Istanbul office, which was founded in 1998, has started its activities. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with studios in Barcelona, Spain and Malmö, Sweden, IO Interactive’s Istanbul office will become the company’s hub for the Middle East and Asia regions.

IO Interactive, producer of HITMAN, Kane & Lynch, Mini Ninjas and Freedom Fighters, is currently working on Project 007, Project Fantasy and HITMAN, and is also continuing to develop its award-winning game engine Glacier.


Expanding its talent pool globally, IO Interactive has included its Turkey studio in its search for Game Designers, Multiplayer Software Developers, C++ Software Developers, Animation Artists, Chapter Artists, Chapter Designers, UI Designers and teammates in many other fields with entry-level, expert or leader qualifications.

In addition to these, while recruitment for operational positions such as Human Resources, Accounting and Office Coordinator continues, IO Interactive Istanbul office aims to reach an employment of 150 people in Turkey. Those who want to work at IO Interactive, which has nearly 300 employees in three different locations, can make their applications via IO Interactive LinkedIn account and IO Interactive website.

IO Interactive Istanbul office establishes

“Being one of the world’s rare independent large and AAA game producers provides endless freedom”

Stating that IO Interactive, which has experienced different acquisition and partnership processes in its 25-year history, has been continuing its path without a major financial partner since 2017, Hakan B. Abrak, CEO of IO Interactive, said:

“Producing products and services that will satisfy game enthusiasts without a financial partner gives us infinite freedom. I must say that I am proud to have established our Istanbul office, which I have been looking forward to since I started working at IO Interactive.

Turkey will give us access to potential talents in the Middle East and Asia region as well as the potential and young audience here. We also believe that with our arrival in Turkey, the AAA industry will flourish. We are confident that game developers in Turkey will want to move to the next level and work on more complex projects. We believe that much more global investors and companies will come to Turkey in the near future after our arrival here. Let us take the first step”.

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