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Laurence Fishburne Joined The Witcher Cast

A familiar face, Laurence Fishburne will join The Witcher cast with Season 4.

Laurence Fishburne Joined The Witcher Cast

A New Actor for The Witcher Cast, Laurence Fishburne

The Witcher TV series is going smoothly and it reached it’s Season 4. After the news abour Henry Cavill’s role change, there have been some discussions about the TV series, where it will be the last season. At the Season 4, Geralt of Rivia will be played by Liam Hemsworth.

Aside from this actor change, new face will also join the cast and that is Laurence Fishburne, which will play the Regis role, who is a 400 year old higher vampire who befriends Geralt in Andrzej Sapkowski’s third book in The Witcher Saga series, Baptism of Fire.

“I’m very excited to be joining the cast and look forward to exploring the wondrous world of The Witcher,” said Fishburne in the official announcement.

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While not too much is known regarding the plot of Season 4, Netflix released the following synopsis: “After the shocking, Continent-altering events that close out season three, the new season follows Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri who are faced with traversing the war-ravaged Continent and its many demons apart from each other. If they can embrace and lead the groups of misfits they find themselves in, they have a chance of surviving the baptism of fire – and finding one another again.”

Filming of Season 4 is expected to start in the spring, so it’s likely the season will premiere sometime in 2025.

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