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Lies of P DLC is in development

A recent listing confirms that Lies of P DLC is in development.

Lies of P DLC is in development

Lies of P DLC is happening

The Pinocchio inspired soulslike game launched this past September and it received quite good feedback from gamers. Lies of P’s mostly positive impressions have made it a standout game for the indie studio, where gamers have praised it as a title that can stand alongside FromSoftware’s other titles. Lies of P’s positive qualities seem to be continuing onwards, as Neowiz has confirmed it has begun production on its DLC.

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DLCs in the souls like games mostly added new world to explore, along with dungeons and bosses to conquer that are sometimes harder than the ones found in the base game. Lies of P main story teased a continuation in its post credits scene, which is the potantial for upcoming DLC.

Lies of P DLC is in development

This information confirmed on the publisher’s website, which lists a number of open positions at the company. One of these positions includes a DLC Content Planner for Lies of P. The position also states how DLC is planned for production, so these positions indicate that the DLC is still in very early development. Other critical positions include a Quest planner and scenario writer.

Lies of P is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S and Lies of P DLC is in development.

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