New Trailer Released for Neva

Neva can’t come soon enough. From the visionary team behind the critically acclaimed GRIS, Neva invites players on an emotional action adventure. Today, a new trailer was released showing the game’s progression.

Neva’s New Trailer Released: An Emotionally Charged Action Adventure

Neva tells the story of Alba, a young woman who bonds with a curious wolf cub after a traumatic encounter with dark forces. Together, they will struggle to survive in a world that becomes decaying and dangerous over time.

The relationship between Alba and the wolf cub will develop over time and they will support each other to deal with dangerous situations. The wolf will grow from a rebellious cub into a majestic adult in search of his own identity, testing Alba’s love and loyalty in the process.

As the cursed world threatens them, Alba and her brave companion will do everything they can to survive and build a new home together.

Neva will be available on Switch in 2024.

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