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Rise of the Ronin Trophy List

Team Ninja has announced Rise of the Ronin trophy list, the new action-role-playing game developed for PlayStation 5. Scheduled for release on 22 March 2024, the game will take players to Japan’s Bakumatsu period, the last years of the Edo era. The story of the game centres on the forced reopening of Japan after the Sakoku period and the Boshin War between the Tokugawa Shogunate and various anti-shogunate factions who were dissatisfied with western influence.

Rise of the Ronin Trophy List Announced
Rise of the Ronin Trophy List Announced

Rise of the Ronin Trophy List Announced

In the comprehensive Rise of the Ronin trophy list, details of the game’s 51 trophies were shared. Trophies of various difficulty levels await players, including 39 bronze, 9 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum. However, do not forget that you can get spoilers while reading the list.

Bronze Trophy List

Achievement Required
Dive of the Ronin Glide from the raised deck at Kiyomizudera Temple
Twilight Fencer Save Ryoma Sakamoto’s life
Farewell, Black Cat Save Soji Otika’s life
The Great Opportunity Save Shinsaku Takasugi’s life
Life Saver Complete the objectives of a No-Kill Mission
Solitary Ronin Complete a mission without an ally
The Battle of Toba-Fushimi End the Toba-Fushimi War
The Satsuma-Choshu Alliance Convince Takamori Saigo
Cities of Darkness Clean Part 2
Strange Bedfellows Act as a true mediator between the Roshigumi and the Choshu Clan
A Show for the Shogun Find out the identity of the mysterious samurai in the duel
Meeting Kaishu Katsu Meet Kaishu Katsu on the Saumida River
A Happy Memory Take a photo at Taka Murayama’s request
Black Ship, Long Shadows Clean Part 1
Infiltrate the Prison Complex Make your way to Shoin Yoshida
Curtain Falls, Curtain Rises Find out if the knife twin is still alive
Flying the Next Complete the introduction
Martial Arts Maniac Defeat enemies using every weapon
Moneybags Save 150,000 sen
Well-Rounded Ronin Reach level 55
Fancy Meeting You Here Experience 50 chance encounters
Cheater Beater Catch five cheating Odds and Evens players
Style Guru Master three fighting styles
A Jack of One Trade is a Master of All Master one of four combat types
Contraption Creator 15 times improve your technology
Striver’s Licence Get the highest rank (Master) in the Dojo
Horseback Hero Achieve the highest rank (Master) in horse archery
Winged Warrior Get the highest rank (Master) in gliding training
Firearm Genius Achieve the highest rank (Master) in firearms training
Resonance Equip four or more pieces of equipment with the same set bonus for the first time
Fresh Start Organise your home for the first time
Traveling Through Time Retry a task for the first time using the Testament of the Soul
Home Sweet Home Complete the first Level 3
Collector First collection completion
Good to Go Upgrade your armour, weapon and sub-weapon
Transfer of Power Make your first transfer
Threads of Fate Make your first connection
One Good Turn Deserves Another Give your first gift
Fateful Encounter Complete the first four levels

Silver Trophy List

Achievement Required
Tears of the Blue Demon Defeat the Blue Dragon on the Black Ship
Cats Over All Collect all the cats
Sightseer Complete all photo points
Social Climber Take part in missions with all your allies
Shadow Stalker Perform a hundred assassinations
Keeper of the Peace Beat 50% leakage
Veiled Vow Start your first romantic relationship
A Veiled Edge’s Future The knife sealed the fate of his twin
The Dawn of a New Japan Clear Section 3

Gold Trophy List

Achievement Required
Midnight Crossing Complete an optional ronin quest with the ‘Midnight’ difficulty setting enabled
Friendly Neighbourhood Ronin Complete all tasks

Rise of the Ronin Story

Rise of the Ronin offers players the opportunity to create special characters, while battles are equipped with katanas and various firearms specific to the Boshin War. In the game where you can explore the historical cities of Yokohama, Kyoto and Edo, you will be able to use various vehicles such as horses, grappling hooks or gliders. Rise of the Ronin, whose development process started in 2015, benefits from Team Ninja’s experience in making ninja and samurai-themed games in previous games such as Ninja Gaiden and Nioh. Team Ninja president Fumihiko Yasuda stated that this is the most ambitious project the game studio has ever undertaken.

Rise of the Ronin Trophy List Announced - 2
Rise of the Ronin Trophy List Announced

Rise of the Ronin presents a new challenge for Team Ninja with its gameplay. Developing an open-world game is a particular challenge for the studio, which has previously developed linear, level-based games. Yasuda emphasised that the creation of passive non-player characters in the game was particularly effective and challenging, as in previous games everything on screen was an element that the player had to defeat. As Sony brings this samurai action-role-playing game to PlayStation in 2024, the new trailer showcased the game’s bloody fight scenes and battles set in ancient Japan. Players can grab and pull enemies to them, leap swiftly to the tops of buildings, and use powder kegs as traps when battling giants.

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