Shift Up is Planning Stellar Blade Sequel and PC Port

Shift Up, the developer of Stellar Blade has revealed that they are planning both sequel and PC port for the game.

Shift Up is Planning Stellar Blade Sequel and PC Port

Stellar Blade Sequel and PC Port is on the way

Stellar Blade is the first AAA game developed by Shift Up, the studio was developing mobile games before. Their first sci-fi action game released recently and made a lot of success. Meanwhile, this game was PS5 exclusive and PC port release information was a mystery. Thankfully, Stellar Blade’s future appears bright, as Shift Up’s latest financial report confirms that the studio is internally considering a PC release and sequel for the game. The report also revealed that Shift Up is working on a new IP codenamed Project Witches, which will be a gacha game planned to launch globally across console, PC, and mobile with crossplay.

With the upcoming PC release for Stellar Blade, Shift Up aims to capitalize on an even larger player base. It’s worth noting that the PC announcement came in record time for a PlayStation second party title, considering it’s been on the market for less than a month. Shift Up may have gauged a massive amount of demand from PC players and accelerated its PC plans accordingly.

Shift Up’s short-term plans for supporting PS5 are also still in effect, with Stellar Blade set to receive a Photo Mode in an upcoming update, as well as new IP collaborations and paid DLC, possibly offering players entirely new experiences within the game’s existing world.

Meanwhile Stellar Blade’s PS5 exclusivity period is still unknown, as well as PC port release date.

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