Silent Hill Ascension release date revealed

Silent Hill Ascension will premiere on October 31. The new Silent Hill game, which is community live stream series where fans will have the power to decide the characters’ fate will be out soon.

Silent Hill Ascension release date revealed

Silent Hill Ascension is very close

Silent Hill Ascension announced last year and will be an innovative take on the popular survival-horror game. The series will focus on multiple main characters from different parts of the world that have been tormented by various Silent Hill monstrosities.

The viewers’ job will be to help the characters survive throughout Ascension’s episodes. It’s important to note that all decisions will be final once the series ends, unlike other choice-based games where players could get multiple outcomes.

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Fans of the franchise can already pre-register for Silent Hill: Ascension via the Google Play Store, and download the game for free once it’s out. On October 2, the game’s listing was updated to include the official release date of the first episode: October 31 at 6pm PT.

Based on the description, Ascension will have daily live story scenes that will be different based on players’ decisions on certain days. Players will also be able to catch up on the series on demand. However, the listing didn’t mention the total number of episodes that Ascension will have.

Most Silent Hill fans are excited for to see Silent Hill Ascension’s release date but some fans are not happy since this project will only be available on mobile. But there are also some people who didn’t understand the context of the live stream format.

The live stream format is a growing gaming genre as some developers have started utilizing it to make players feel more involved in games’ stories. Genvid Entertainment, the company Konami partnered with for Silent Hill Ascension, also revealed recently that it’s working on Borderlands EchoVision Live.

Apart from Silent Hill Ascension, Konami is also developing Silent Hill f and Silent Hill Townfall, which are still shrouded in mystery. For now, fans could treat Ascension as a teaser to begin the exciting new era of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill Ascension will release on October 31.

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