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Sony New Patent Will Make Adapt to Player Skill Game Difficulty Better

Sony has filed a patent that would see PlayStation game difficulty adapt in real time depending on player skill level.

Sony New Patent Will Make Adapt to Player Skill Game Difficulty Better

Sony New Patent Will Make Difficulty Adapt Stronger

Adaptive difficulty is a player based difficulty which most games has. If you are struggling with one enemy and you keep dying, the game eventually lowers the enemy’s attacks and you will easily kill it. In some situations, let’s say the game has healing mechanic and your health is low, the game will give you immediately health item and you will use it to continue your game.

Regarding this situation, as reported by Insider Gaming, the “adaptive difficulty calibration for skills based activities in virtual environments” patent was filed on December 7, 2023. Though filing a patent doesn’t guarantee this technology will emerge, it does mean Sony is looking into it as a potential feature for upcoming PlayStation games.

It would see Sony collect data from players in real time to presumably provide them a more satisfying gaming experience, by either increasing the difficulty level to ensure enough challenge is presented or by reducing it to avoid frustration. The patent doesn’t just reference blanket difficulty levels like easy or hard either, but instead specifically mentions elements like increasing certain player abilities, altering the number of enemies, and so on.

“The collected data may be evaluated to identify whether a user gaming performance level corresponds to an expected level of performance,” the patent reads. “When the user gaming performance level does not correspond to an expected level of performance, parameters that change the difficultly of the game may be changed automatically.

Sony New Patent Will Make Adapt to Player Skill Game Difficulty Better

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“Parameters that relate to movement speed, delay or hesitation, character strengths, numbers of competitors, or other metrics may be changed incrementally until a current user performance level corresponds to an expectation level of a particular user currently playing the game. At this time, the user expectation level may be changed, and the process may be repeated as skills of the user are developed over time.”

Looks like this technology is few steps above where video games are currently, but given the advancements in AI across the industry, it’s perhaps closer than we think.

Sony has got a lot of exciting patents such as players’ controllers hot and cold depending on their environment, and another that lets players store their wireless PlayStation earphones inside the controller to charge.

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