Star Wars Jedi Survivor XP Glitch

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor made it’s launch on 28 April 2023. Not long ago, players discovered a glitch that might make you lose XP. Star Wars Jedi Survivor XP Glitch happens when you kill certain enemy. All players trying to avoid this glitch right now.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor XP Glitch

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor already has performance issuesMost players can’t even play the game properly even if they bought. While all these issues persist, this XP glitch discovered as well. This glitch will also take bad memory on players as well. Things are not bright for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Xp Glitch - 1
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Xp Glitch

The certain enemy which we talk about is Mogu Troll, which can be encountered on planet Koboh. According to information, dying to this enemy will cause lose all XP and can’t get it back. There are other Mogu Trolls as well but they don’t cause the same XP glitch. This XP glitch did not happen to one person. It happened to many players and it still persists, unless developers publish a patch for it.

The reason why this XP glitch is frustrating is that players lose all their XP progress towards to next level upon death. That XP is stored on the last enemy that killed the player and can get it back by just hitting that enemy once. If player is close to end, this XP glitch can make player lose a lot of XP.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Xp Glitch - 2
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Xp Glitch

Despite all errors and problematic launch, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is very popular and already surpassed Fallen Order on Steam. If developers care about player feedbacks and releases patch for this XP glitch, players can save their time and enjoy their game experience without any problem.

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