Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay Time

Open world game Star Wars Outlaws gameplay time revealed. In an interview with VGC, creative director Julian Gerighty revealed that the main story will take around 25-30 hours to complete. That’s only if you want to finish the main story. If you want to complete the adventure 100%, you can probably double that time.

Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay Time

Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay Time Will Reach 30 Hours

“We decided very, very early on that this was going to be a 25, 30 hour adventure, 50 hours for the completionists, 60 hours, and that’s still a reasonable amount of time for a guy with a family and a job,” Gerighty explained.

For more information about the open-world game coming out at the end of August, check out our Star Wars Outlaws pre-review.

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