Starfield will offer more replay value

Recently Todd Howard from Bethesda confirmed that Starfield has New Game+.

Starfield will offer more replay value

Starfield will offer so much replay value

Starfield is an incredibly ambitious undertaking on the part of the studio, giving players the chance to explore over 1,000 planets across a vast universe. Starfield promises to be absolutely massive, yet there will still be some gamers that manage to see everything it has to offer and still be hungry for more adventures.

Some executives that have had the chance to play Starfield early have put significant time into the game, yet still have more to see and do. Head of Xbox Phill Spencer has reportedly logged about 200 hours in Starfield across various characters, while Bethesda exec Pete Hines has amassed around 160 hours in the game so far.

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While it remains to be seen how long it will take, one will eventually complete all of Starfield’s main quests, faction quests, and important side quests. Yet they may want to continue their adventure without having to start a brand new character from scratch.

Starfield will offer more replay value

Luckily for those gamers, it’s been confirmed by GQ that Starfield will have a New Game+ option. GQ recently published an interview it conducted with Starfield game director Todd Howard. In the interview, it was confirmed that Starfield has a “unique and exciting twist” on New Game+ that will incentivize “continued and repeat play.” Further details on Starfield’s New Game+ feature were not revealed by GQ, so fans will have to wait to play the game for themselves to find out more.

It’s good to see that Starfield has New Game+ feature. Players will start over Starfield without losing any progress and experience the game even further.

Starfield launches September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X.

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