Tetris movie trailer released

The story of the Tetris game, one of the best-selling and best-known productions of the game world, finally appears as a movie. The Tetris movie trailer released. Famous actor Taron Egerton, whom we remember from movies such as Kingsman, Rocketman and Eddie the Eagle, will try to smuggle the world’s most iconic video game from the Soviet Union.

Tetris movie trailer finally released

The first trailer of the Tetris movie, which will be broadcast on the Apple TV + service, contains many clues about the story. In the movie, we will see the famous actor Egerton playing the Dutch entrepreneur Henk Rogers. The true story of how Rogers obtained the distribution rights to the classic 80s game during his travels to the Soviet Union. The KGB, legal battles, the Cold War, and Nintendo’s Game Boy will all play an important part in this story.

The film also features Toby Jones, Moyo Akande, Roger Allam, Sofia Lebedeza, Anthony Boyle, Igor Grabuzov, Miles Barrow, Aaron Vodovoz, Leva Andrejevaite, Togo Igawa, Ken Yamamura, Ben Miles, Matthew Marsh, Rick Yune and Tetris inventor Alexey Pajitnov Starring actors such as Nikita Yefremov.

Noah Pink wrote the screenplay for the Tetris movie and is directed by Jon S. Baird. Let us remind you that the movie will be released on Apple TV + on March 31.

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