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The Wolf Among Us 2 is Still in Development

An update on Deck Nine and Telltale games has revealed that The Wolf Among Us 2 production is stil ongoing.

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The Wolf Among Us 2 Development Continues

The first The Wolf Among Us game made it’s launch in 2013 and just like other Telltale games, it’s released via episodic format. After the original game’s success, Telltale Studios considered working on a second series, but didn’t fully commit to the idea until its announcement in 2017. Then, Telltale Studios closed.

Telltale’s closure was disappointing to gamers for a multitude of reasons. Initially, The Wolf Among Us 2 was set for a 2018 release, then delayed to 2019, and then canceled after Telltale was faced with too many challenges to continue staying afloat. After being acquired by LCG Entertainment in 2019, Telltale studios was brought back, and The Wolf Among Us 2 was officially announced at The Game Awards that year.

A promising trailer was shown at the 2022 Game Awards, leading fans to believe that the finished game would likely show up soon. However, there have been very few updates on its progress since, with recent layoffs at Telltale leaving fans concerned.

Recently, Telltale confirmed to IGN that production is continuing on The Wolf Among Us 2. Amid news of a toxic work culture at Deck Nine studios, who had worked on the pre-production script of The Wolf Among Us 2, Telltale Games issued a statement reaffirming its relationship with the company. Deck Nine and Telltale co-developed The Expanse: A Telltale Series, and based on the success of that project, working on one of their next big releases together likely made sense.

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Although production on The Wolf Among Us 2 continues, it is unlikely it will be completed quickly. The people who continue working on the game will have more on their plate with fewer developers to assist with their efforts. At this point, some fans are excited that the game has a chance of being released at all. Others recommend treating the game as if it does not exist until more is shown, as it sounds like it is still hovering around the pre-production stage of development even after years of silence. Considering the state that Telltale and its collaborator are in, it will be tough to predict the release window of The Wolf Among Us 2.

Fans who are looking forward to The Wolf Among Us 2 should wait a little big longer, but with the promise of game is still being worked on. While fans have dealt with waiting for the next part of a Telltale story before, and there are plenty of great Telltale games to play before the next one releases, this wait has been and will continue to be a painful one.

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