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Xbox Developer_Direct: Avowed Announced

Microsoft’s Xbox Developer_Direct event is happening right now. Obsidian Entertainment’s Avowed took the stage first. You can find the details about the game below.

Xbox Developer_Direct: Avowed Announced

Avowed Game Details Shared at Xbox Developer_Direct Event

Obsidian Entertainment’s highly anticipated game “Avowed” was originally designed to be a multiplayer game, but the company has now turned its attention to a single-player RPG.

“Avowed” is a large-scale first-person RPG with old-school fantasy elements. The game takes players on a grand adventure across the Land of the Living on behalf of the Kingdom of Aedyr.

The game’s story centers on a mysterious plague that has appeared on the island of the Living Lands. Players are tasked with investigating the source of the plague and discovering what is happening on the island. During this journey, players will discover personal connections to both the region and its mysteries.

Obsidian’s Change of Direction in Development

Obsidian’s head of development, Justin Britch, noted that the over-focus on co-op gameplay led to a complete change of pipelines and mission designs. However, the studio ultimately abandoned this approach and turned it into a single-player RPG.

“Avowed” Developer Directive: A New Approach to the Combat System

“Avowed” features a flexible combat system that transitions from magic to melee to gunfighting. The game offers more than just slicing and dicing, giving players a choice of playstyles. There is a balance between pressure and manageability for combat.

Customizable Loadouts and Variety of Combat Options

An important thing for players to pay attention to is what they are fighting and the customized loadouts they can quickly switch between. This gives them a strategic advantage in battle.

A Rich World and Decision Making

The world of “Avowed” is designed as a continent of diverse landscapes called The Living Lands. Players’ decisions and choices are supported by side quests that affect the flow of the game. The game’s environment is rich and beautiful.

Obsidian’s “Avowed” project was originally conceived as a multiplayer game, but has evolved into a single-player RPG that aims to provide players with a rich story and flexible combat experience.

No exact release date was given. However, at the end of the video, it was stated that it will be released in Fall 2024.

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