3 new Xbox Consoles Revealed

New Xbox hardware is coming, with three new consoles revealed at the latest Xbox showcase. As revealed by Xbox President Sarah Bond at the Xbox Games Showcase, three new pieces of hardware are coming to market. The all-digital Xbox Series X in white with 1TB, the all-digital Xbox Series S in white with 1B, and the special edition Xbox Series X in all-black with 2TB more storage than the original model.

3 new Xbox Consoles from Microsoft

The new hardware was leaked in documents redacted by the FTC earlier this year, which indicated that Xbox was working on the next generation of Xbox hardware, which the studio confirmed in a podcast roundtable following a separate series of leaks that showed multiple console exclusives coming to other platforms.

Bond mentioned during the announcement that Xbox is hard at work on the next generation of consoles, but beyond that he didn’t give any details for the hardware, nor did he give any indication of when gamers can expect to see it.

As mentioned in several interviews with executives at the studio, Xbox Game Pass is what Xbox wants to sell more than anything else, and an all-digital console helps them do that. The extra storage also allows gamers to download more games and means they have to deal with deleting games much less than they would on a standard console.

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