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[Leak] 5 Different Resident Evil Games Are in Development

A famous leaker revealed that five different Resident Evil games are currently in development.

[Leak] 5 Different Resident Evil Games Are in Development

More Resident Evil Games are on the way

Resident Evil franchise is Capcom’s one of biggest and popular franchises among their works and almost every year, at least one Resident Evil game make it’s launch or revealed. This year’s Resident Evil game is a mystery,but currently there is not a single Resident Evil game that announced. Maybe this year, Capcom could go without a new Resident Evil game, meanwhile latest leak showed that 5 different Resident Evil games are in development.

Just before this leak, another leak did reveal that Code Veronica X Remake is in development, we can surely expect Code Veronica X Remake. Aside from that, if we look at Resident Evil 4 Remake’s ending, we can also expect Resident Evil 5 Remake. It looks like developers wants to change something about Resident Evil 5.

And most importantly, franchise’s current timeline has to continue, Resident Evil Village was released in 2021, it’s been a very long time since we heard something about current timeline, we can also say that one of this five games is Resident Evil 9.

The other two games are in development is hard to guess, maybe Capcom is preparing another online game. We all know that Capcom’s previous online game history with Resident Evil was not successful. Both Reverse and Resistance died very early and became the cheater’s palace. But Capcom loves to try their luck in online games, maybe they are planing someting, we can’t say for sure.

[Leak] 5 Different Resident Evil Games Are in Development

Some fans were asking for another remake of Resident Evil 1. Once Capcom said that “Remaking first Resident Evil’s Remake wouldn’t be on place” which means Capcom also planing to Remake the first game again, but after that time, we haven’t heard of anything.

Leaks are looks promising for Resident Evil fans. Which means previous years are juicy for survival horror game lovers. But keep that in mind that these informations are only leaks so always take these with grain of salt.

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