5 Best Fishing Simulators And a Secret Video Game With Real Winnings

Anyone who needs relaxation will be able to spend a lot of time in a pleasant way fishing. However, weather conditions are not always favorable for fishing enthusiasts to go outside.

5 Best Fishing Simulators

Therefore, in such a situation, they should be interested in video games that best simulate the activities performed by anglers. In this text, we focus on presenting all the most interesting games that were created to simulate fishing in the best possible way.

Big Bass Bonanza

Let’s start by presenting our secret game proposal that will be a good idea to spend some time playing to try and catch some interesting prizes. At any trusted online casino, players will be able to indulge in what Big Bass Bonanza has to offer. This is a popular online slot game which gameplay is based on 10 paylines and the game’s RTP is 96.71%.

The title was produced and published by the world-famous Pragmatic Play brand. It is worth distinguishing it primarily for its modern audiovisual setting, which allows players to feel as if they were actually going fishing. The player will be able to test the game both in the version for real money and completely free of charge without registration. To do this, on trusted gambling sites, for example, https://polskiesloty.com/kasyna-online/ you can receive various bonuses without making a deposit and quickly withdraw your winnings.

As one plays, the goal will be to spin the reels, which can be done using a wide range of available stakes. At the same time, players can expect medium volatility, which in practice will mean that winnings will be awarded relatively often and their value will be satisfactory for players. There will also be attractive bonus features that are intended to diversify the fun. In the case of Big Bass Bonanza, the player will be able to activate bonus features such as:

  • Scatters
  • Retriggers
  • Free Spins

Intergalactic Fishing

Moving on to video games that can be considered full-fledged fishing simulators, it will be worth starting with a title that will work on any device. In this case, the player will not encounter modern graphics, and the gameplay will not be particularly realistic. In the case of this game, however, we will be dealing with a deep and developed fishing simulator, which is based on the idea of an RPG.

In Intergalactic Fishing, the player will even be able to experience the plot, which involves catching the game throughout the entire universe. It will also be important to understand why fish die mysteriously. All lakes and fish species are procedurally generated here, which means that the player will be able to catch different looking specimens all the time.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Players looking for a real fishing simulator experience should check out what Ultimate Fishing Simulator has to offer. This is definitely one of the best games on this list when it comes to simulating fishing. The game is available for desktop computers, but the manufacturer is also considering creating a version for mobile devices. Therefore, there is a chance that over time, users of Android, iOS and other operating systems will be able to explore its capabilities.

5 Best Fishing Simulators And a Secret Video Game With Real Winnings - 1
5 Best Fishing Simulators And a Secret Video Game With Real Winnings

The aim of the game is to offer players mainly gameplay, which in practice will mean that one will not have to wait half a day until a satisfactory fish is caught on the hook. The pace is a bit faster here, which makes the player actually feel like they are playing a game, which is a very good thing. One can find here a lot of different types of equipment and many species of fish.

Fishing Planet

Those interested in checking out the game, which is available on all possible platforms, should check out the entertainment offered by FIshing Planet. In the case of this game, one can expect to be able to play it on consoles, any mobile device and desktop computers. The game is free, but one can also expect many paid add-ons that diversify the gameplay.

In the basic free version of this game, players will be able to catch over 150 different species of fish spread over 25 different locations. The main idea of the game is to focus on competition, which can take place between friends and other players.

Fishing Sim Pro World Tour

If a player is looking for a combination of modern graphics and modern gameplay, it will be a good idea to play Fishing Sim Pro World Tour. It is a very well-developed game that is available on consoles and desktop computers. The game is based on competition between players in multiplayer or career mode. In total, one can meet here 100 different professional anglers to choose from, almost 30 species of fish and over 50 licensed partners.

Fishing Sim Pro World Tour
5 Best Fishing Simulators And a Secret Video Game With Real Winnings

Russian Fishing 4

The game is particularly noteworthy due to the fact that it effectively simulates fishing. It is a very realistic game that tries to please every type of player to some extent. This is a very good option for those who are looking for a particularly large variety of fish species that can be caught.

In total, one can meet over 190 of them here. Fishing can be done from boats or shores, which allows for free movement. It is also worth appreciating the dynamic day and night cycle, which diversifies the fun even more and emphasizes the realistic approach to gameplay design.


Fans of realistic fishing should first of all check out Russian Fishing 4 and Ultimate Fishing Simulator. These are the best games from the list above that focus on single-player mode. However, people looking for competition with other players should choose Fishing Planet or Fishing Sim Pro World Tour. Fans of alternative gameplay will feel best in Big Bass Bonanza and Intergalactic Fishing.

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