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Alan Wake 2 Became Remedy’s Fastest Selling Game

Alan Wake 2 became Remedy’s fastest selling game, yet it wasn’t enough to recoup the company from it’s development costs. But it’s still a big success for the company.

Alan Wake 2 Became Remedy's Fastest Selling Game

Remedy’s Fastest Selling Game, Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake franchise is one of modern gaming world’s famous and successful horror games. After the release of the first game, franchise became silent, fans were expecting to see the sequel but the company was not able to make the required funds to develop sequel.

After these problems, in August 2019, the project entered the active production with the help of Epic Games and also released the Alan Wake Remastered but sales were not enough as the company expected.

Alan Wake 2 is a different story, Remedy just announcing that Alan Wake 2 had sold 1 million copies as of year end 2023, and another 300,000 units over the following two months. That makes it the fastest selling title in the studio’s history, with the group specifying that Alan Wake 2 over 50% more copies in its first two months than its last flagship title, Control, managed in its initial four months on the market. Remedy stated that significant part of the game’s development expenses has already been recouped.

The studio also revealed that its latest title has sold three times more digital copies than Control over the aforementioned periods. This achievement was helped by the fact that Alan Wake 2 was a digital exclusive. Remedy previously attributed the decision to forego the game’s physical release to a desire to deliver a AAA experience at a reduced price.

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For reference, Alan Wake 2 retails at $59.99 on consoles and $49.99 on PC, a $10 discount compared to the typical contemporary big budget games on those platforms. The game still appears to be on course to break even sometime this year, with Remedy saying it expects it to enjoy “excellent long tail sales.”

With this success, we hope to see Alan Wake 3 not long after. Considering this sale record and Epic Games’ financial support, we guess it won’t take long.

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