Alan Wake 2 screenshots released

Alan Wake 2 screenshots, which managed to make a mark on the presentation organised by Sony (PlayStation Showcase 2023) with the last video released, will increase your interest in the game.

We finally started to receive new materials and information for Alan Wake 2, which Remedy has been developing for a long time. The game, which usually appears in Xbox presentations, surprised us with its inclusion in the Sony State of Play presentation. Alan Wake 2, which managed to make a mark on the presentation with its video, appeared with screenshots.

When we look at the Alan Wake 2 screenshots published by Remedy, we see that they show the capabilities of the Northlight Engine, the graphics engine of the game, to the fullest. The game, which already looks very impressive especially in terms of atmosphere, looks like it will enchant us again in terms of lighting. Especially if we consider how important the lights are for Alan Wake, we think Remedy will put this event on show.

The game, in which we will continue the story of Alan Wake, who gives the game its name, will also allow us to see the story from a different angle in terms of the fact that we will direct a different character. On 17 October, the game will be released for consoles other than PC, and you can take a look at the screenshots below.

Alan Wake 2 screenshots

Alan Wake 2 screenshots - 1

Alan Wake 2 screenshots - 2

Alan Wake 2 screenshots - 3

Alan Wake 2 screenshots - 4

Alan Wake 2 screenshots - 5

Alan Wake 2 screenshots - 6

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