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All CS GO Patch Notes of 2023

Valve regularly brings updates to CS GO. While CS GO updates mostly fix a bug in the game, sometimes they also bring new features. In this guide, you will find the all CS GO Patch Notes that came to Counter Strike Global Offensive in 2023. We will update our article as new updates are released.

There have been 15 updates since the beginning of the year. One of them was the version update ( – version 1542). Four of them were interim updates. While no explanation was made about the others, one was added as a content update.

The content here is organised in accordance with the information published on the CS GO blog. You can find detailed information on their pages.

All CS GO Patch Notes of 2023
All CS GO Patch Notes of 2023

CS GO Patch Notes of 2023

31 March 2023 Update


  • Many network enhancements
  • If two players utilise the same private matchmaking pool code, the player lister in private matchmaking should no longer combine CS:GO and CS2 players


  • Defuse Kit was added to the list of team equipment
  • Scoreboard: A number of typeface and design modifications
  • Voting panel has been modified to better match other Interfaces


  • Ongoing modifications to stickers’ physically based rendering (PBR) compatibility
  • Certain sticker designs have been brightened for improved contrast
  • In order to support fine-tuning certain elements during future content updates, some functionality has been included
  • To lessen character and weapon overlap, some main menu and round-ending animations have been modified
  • Various character model updates
  • Continuing development of the inspect/reload functionality
31 March 2023 Update
All CS GO Patch Notes of 2023

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  • Numerous material and clipping modifications
  • Rooftops that are sealed off to prevent grenades or Molotov cocktails from falling in the wrong areas


  • The ability to add and remove bots when playing offline has been restored
  • Restored use of the spray menu
  • Radio command functionality was restored
  • Many crashes have been fixed

30 March 2023 Update


  • Various network traffic improvements
  • Now the server and client programmes properly desynchronize while firing random seeds.


  • Fixed locations of ping elements and overhead labels at various resolutions
  • Halo surrounding enemies has been fixed so that their whereabouts are hidden
  • Bomb plant termination now appropriately results in the clearing of the bomb code
  • Fixed uncommon examine animations such that they are now only seen occasionally
  • The behaviour of inspect then reload (“f”, “r”, “f”, “r”) is more consistent with CS:GO
  • All development console commands, including “cl physics highlight active 5”, have been disabled


  • Smokes through walls are no longer affected by HE grenades in game
  • Collisions between ragdolls are disabled
  • When receiving a bonus weapon in Deathmatch, players will no longer drop their weapons
  • Decoy grenade trajectory preview is now accurate
  • Improved use of the use key when picking up weapons
30 March 2023 Update
All CS GO Patch Notes of 2023


  • Now, the menu and scoreboard both permit movement while in focus
  • Voice conversation is permitted during team introduction
  • Keys won’t get stuck anymore when you launch the Steam overlay
  • Several scenarios where user input would become muddled have been fixed
  • One key cannot be used to control several actions


  • Timing adjustments for the distant smoke grenade sound
  • Resolved an issue where the flashbang or grenade sound effect would continue to play if the player died while it was activated
  • When a grenade is accurately thrown from a jump, a special player-only sound has been added
  • Fixed chat wheel lines will only be available on legal lines that can be set up in the game’s options


  • Fixed the wall’s hole

24 March 2023 Update


  • Fixed basic assertions
  • Trade-Up contract Interface was taken down for the limited test
  • Several items appearing in the inspect panel were fixed


  • When the user selects “default” device, utilise the right audio device name
  • Sound effects for weapon drops on the minimap have been added
  • Reduced noise level of certain ambient dust 2
  • Some missing UI noises were added
  • Flashbang ringing and the volume ducking effect were both muted
  • The spread of grenade explosions was lessened
  • Fix for the deathmatch kill bonus sound’s phasing

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  • Different game crashes were fixed
  • When seen from the first-person perspective, smoke bullet holes have been repaired
  • Smoke grenades that are thrown into tight spaces no longer explode on the wrong side of thin walls
  • In a competitive encounter, players are no longer permitted to pick up their weapons while they are down
  • Corrected the team introduction when weapons would drop
  • A fix was made for the +voicerecord becoming stuck on when held during the team introduction and released after
  • If a player was already dead at the end of the previous round, chat messages delivered throughout the battle no longer indicate that they are DEAD
  • Added support for handling game inputs like +voicerecord when the panorama is the focus
  • Netgraph was added


  • MSAA fixed the flickering
  • Fixed volume lighting for the smoke cloud
  • fixed glass stencil issue when MSAA is turned off
  • Several weapon finishes have been updated based on community feedback
All CS GO Patch Notes of 2023
All CS GO Patch Notes of 2023

22 March 2023 Update


  • Delivered the system that would allow participants to enter the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test
  • You will get an invitation banner with further instructions when you launch CS:GO if you have been chosen to take part in the limited test


– Ember

  • Announcing the spring update for Ember
  • The hens have produced colourful eggs
  • Eggs have replaced cannonballs
  • Weeds, a festive tablet image, and general updates
  • A new path at the swimming pool has been added
  • Slow moving cannonballs no longer inflict damage on players

16 February 2023 Update


  • The AWP | Duality in the Revolution Case has taken the place of the AWP | Doodle Lore
  • Items from the current AWP | Doodle Lore inventory have been changed to the AWP | Duality



  • Seasonal events have come to an end in Ember land
  • Models, textures, and lighting on the map have been restored to their pre-seasonal form
  • For better texture quality and appearance, cave rock textures now use $seamless scale
  • Several texture upgrades
  • Resolved a problem with areaportal
16 February 2023 Update
All CS GO Patch Notes of 2023

10 February 2023 Update

Case, Capsule, Kit, Oh My!

  • Revolution Case, which includes the gloves from the Clutch Case as a rare special item and 17 weapon finishes created by local artisans.
  • Espionage Sticker Capsule from the Steam Workshop features 21 original stickers.
  • The Denzel Curry ULTIMATE music kit includes songs from his 2022 album “Melt My Eyez See Your Future,” including the hits “Walkin” and “ULTIMATE.”

3 February 2023 Update



  • Attached a boost to the top of the arches
  • Close the hole in the stairside
  • Decreased height of the railings


  • Updated lightning
  • Modernised lighting
  • Modernised clipping
  • Less obstructive grate bars on A-site
  • Place names have been added, and occlusion performance has improved

– Anubis Regression Optimization Fixed

26 January 2023 Update


– Anuma

  • Ivy was cut to a B-length.
  • Trim size at B Long has been reduced.
  • There are a few less ruins.
  • Clipping was modified at B long and the Ruins.
  • Altered the boat’s form in the canal.
  • The water grates at the back of Canal were lowered.
  • Grenade clipping around explosive sites was adjusted.
  • Minor improvements

– Ember

  • Ember has been battered by a winter storm.

How to Update Counter Strike Global Offensive?

  • Open Steam and log in to your account.
  • Click on the “Library” tab.
  • Find “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” in the list of games on the left side of the screen.
  • Right-click on “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” and select “Properties.”
  • In the Properties window, click on the “Updates” tab.
  • Under “Automatic updates,” select “Always keep this game up to date.”
  • Click “Close” to save your changes
  • If an update is available for CS:GO, Steam will download and install it automatically.

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