Atreus is a Terrible Character

God of War series creator David Jaffe criticized the character design and development of Kratos’ son Atreus in the latest game in the series, God of War Ragnarok. In an interview with Days Gone director John Garvin, Jaffe described Atreus as a terrible character, both visually and gameplay-wise. Jaffe stated that he liked Atreus’ function as Kratos’ son, but was unhappy with the character’s portrayal in-game.

Atreus is a Terrible Character

God of War Creator Describes Atreus as a ‘Terrible Character’

Jaffe’s comments open up a wider discussion on Atreus’ role in God of War Ragnarok. Jaffe thinks that Atreus should start to act more like his father Kratos later in the game. However, throughout the game, Atreus is seen to be angry and immature at times. “This guy was supposed to be set up at the end or in the middle of Ragnarök to say, ‘this guy is great, I want to be that guy!’ And Ragnarök didn’t give us that,” Jaffe said.

The ups and downs of Atreus’ character have also caused different reactions among the cast. Some players feel that Atreus acts like a spoiled teenager and is not mature enough for a character with a father like Kratos. Atreus’ constant talking during puzzle solving is also cited as a factor that negatively impacted the experience for some players.

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