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Remedy Gained Ownership of Control IP

Remedy now official has the ownership of Control IP, which means we might get new Control game.

Remedy Gained Ownership of Control IP
Remedy Gained Ownership of Control IP

Control IP Is A New Ownership for Remedy

Control released at 2019 and it got a lot of attention from fans with it’s unique story and gameplay mechanics. Being part of Remedy’s Alan Wake Universe, Control features protagonist Jesse Faden as she infiltrates the mysterious Federal Bureau of Control. Once confirmation of a sequel to Control and a multiplayer spin off known as Project Condor hit the internet, many fans have been waiting for more news on the future of the series. A recent deal between Remedy and publisher 505 Games has now put the entire Control IP in the hands of its developer, and the deal gives a little insight into Project Condor and Control 2’s development.

From this day on, all distribution, publishing, marketing, and any other rights to Control and its related spin offs and sequels will be fully owned by its developer, Remedy. This deal leaves Remedy completely in charge of how future installments in the Control series are marketed and published, which is a major milestone for the developer.

Remedy has proven itself to be an incredibly unique developer that has a talent for crafting fascinating stories, and it will be interesting to see how the developer chooses to market this property. While many fans have high hopes for Control 2, Remedy now having full reign of the franchise is an exciting step forward for the developer.

With the release of Alan Wake 2 and it’s success, Remedy is getting stronger each day and hopefully keep creating masterpiece games for us.

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