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Avowed Gameplay Video Revealed

The first annoucement of Avowed was revealed in the 2020 and Obsidian Entertainment made an amazing job with this game. In the mean time, Avowed was completely silent, until today. In the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, new video is released.

Avowed Gameplay is here

The release date is not certain for Avowed but the first thing that takes attention about Avowed is color pallette. Developers made some adjustments about atmosphere and some differences about magic usage.

The game will take place named Eora. Video showcases fantastic creatures and many magics that you can use on fight. Player will allowed to use close combat and magics together, also Avowed shares the same universe with Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity.

Explore the Living Lands, a mysterious island filled with adventure and danger. As an envoy of Aedyr, you are sent to investigate rumors of a spreading plague with a secret that threatens to destroy everything. Can you save the island and your soul from the forces threatening to tear them apart?

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