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Battlefield 2042 free on Steam until 16 March

Battlefield 2042 free on Steam until 16 March. Published by EA and developed by DICE, Battlefield 2042 has made a name for itself again with its recently released 4th season, Eleventh Hour, which includes significant innovations. Thanks to this campaign, new Steam users will have the chance to experience both Battlefield 2042 and Eleventh Hour completely free of charge until 16 March.

Battlefield 2042 free on Steam now

Bringing Battlefield’s signature combat dynamics to the rocky terrain of South Africa, Season 4’s new “one-on-one” focused map, Flashpoint, once again puts players right in the middle of a real battle; while vehicles take cover in the open, players are involved in gunfights in the map’s vast indoor areas.

Battlefield 2042 free on Steam

Battlefield 2042’s new Specialist is Camila ¨Blasco¨, an ambush specialist who can move freely across the terrain. Blasco’s specialised X6-Infiltration can prevent enemy devices from locking onto a target, interfere with active detection technology, and create dead zones to disable enemy weapon technology.

Season 4 innovations:

  • New Weapon | Super 500 Shotgun Sidearm: It has a short-range, “explosive” feature and can be adapted to close-range combat.
  • New Weapon | RM68: It has an internal silencer, improved stability and recoil control.
  • New Weapon | AC9 SMG: It has an ergonomic structure so that control is not lost when firing in series.
  • New Weapon | RPT-31 LMG: Features low and fast rate of fire options, as well as a large bullet and a unique “rotating scope” attachment.
  • New Device | SPH Explosive Launcher: Explosives that can be attached to enemies, objects and vehicles; can also be used against infantry.
  • New Vehicle | CAV-Brawler: It can pass through narrow spaces and can be used to ¨spawn¨ dying players even if all seats are occupied. It also contains an active ¨threat detection system¨ and can throw grenades in all directions, eliminating enemy soldiers in the immediate vicinity.

A reminder: A revamped version of the highly anticipated Discarded map will be added to the game later in Season 4.

You can reach Battlefield 2042 free on the game’s Steam page.

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