Bum Simulator Review

We look closer to a sandbox game bursting with inappropriate humor and memorable characters in our Bum Simulator review.

Bum Simulator review

Bum Simulator is a FPS sandbox game where you try to survive in the streets of Bumsville. In order to survive, you have to eat, build your house and fight against your enemies. Survival is not the only thing that tests you. Your enemies will try to bring down your bases and equipments as well.

Bum Simulator review - 1
Bum Simulator review


Bum Simulator has cute little story where you explore throughout the game. The story begins when you meet with Carl, which is also shares the same fate with you. You, Carl and many others suffer the same fate: EvilWay made experiments on you. You all lost something in this process. Carl lost his body and you lost your brain.

In order to bring down EvilWay, you have to make allies and survive so you can get what is taken away from you. In this process, you met with different people and they are willing to help you. After many researchs and hard quests, Carl and Bum learns that they are not the only victim who suffers from EvilWay’s experiments. There are also people that turned into rats in this process.

With your rat people’s help, you develop a plan and eventually go after EvilWay and put an end to their experiments.

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Bum Simulator review

What Bum Simulator Offers to Players?

Bum Simulator offers player a cute little open world where you travel with Carl and craft different materials in order to survive. Like we said before, you have to drink and eat in order to survive and fight.

You have free will to expand your base as much as you want. Even if you expanded your one base, you are welcome to expand other ones as well. You can craft tools to process materials such as wood, copper and so on. You can also cook your own food in your base.

Your cute little pigeon friend is also can grow strong as well. Pigeon can be alive bomb or create tornado in the further parts of the game. Your base has special place for your friend as well. Some missions requires to upgrade Pigeon in order to continue the story.

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Bum Simulator review

Shops are also available for you if you want to sell or buy anything. If you are too lazy to cook your own food, you can order any food you like or sell items you scavenged from streets and processed. Processed items are more valuable if you want to make more money.

In Bum Simulator, earning money is really hard since you are on streets and you have to collect items which people throw due to their less value. Your life on streets hard but you can make it easier with searching for valuable items and sell them. Eventually build your bases so no one can touch you.

By building bases, we mean it. Like you can build more than one base. But you should also keep that in mind that the more strong you are, the more you are a big threat to thugs. If you have more bases and you don’t protect them as needed, you will eventually lose your power due to thug raids.

Bum Simulator Review
Bum Simulator review

That’s where crafting gets more valuable. If you collect enough materials and craft required tools, you can protect your base by building protection traps. Landmines are best option for this, since they protect entrances of your base, you can eliminate thugs before they get in your bases.

Protecting your bases are the most valuable thing in the game. If you’re not prepared for raids, thugs can destroy all your hard work and you get back to beginning. So you need to give more attention to protect your base.

Aside from all these things, there is an option for you to beg as well. If you enjoy that, you are free to beg but it’s not the best option for you to earn money. Crafting and selling materials are more valuable since you can make money easier with this way.

Bum Simulator Review
Bum Simulator review


Just like many other games, Bum Simulator has also skill upgrade section as well. Skills are about your survival, craft, base features and Carl. The more you upgrade your skills, base features and Carl, the more strong you are. You can sprint more, Carl can go faster and you can do more damage against your enemies.

Bum Simulator offers player cute little open world, enjoyable side quests and crafting ability if you are interested. By playing Bum Simulator, you can experience the life of a bum who just lost his brain and your shopping cart friend Carl will accompany your adventure with you. We definitely recommend Bum Simulator if you like simulator games.

You can buy the game on Steam.


Final Score - 7.2


Cute little open world

A Simulation game where you take the role of bum and try to survive and get stronger in the streets of Bumsville. An enjoyable experience for the people who loves Simulation games.

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