Canceled Iron Man Game Leaks Online

Details of the canceled Iron Man game, once in development by Activision’s Genepool Software, have surfaced online after 21 years. Retired developer Kevin Edwards brought this forgotten project back to the spotlight, sharing footage and a one-minute gameplay video on Twitter.

Why was the Iron Man Game Canceled?

The working title of the game was “The Invincible Ironman” and was based on a brand new engine developed exclusively for PC, Xbox, and PS2 platforms. The game was canceled after about six months of development when Activision pulled the plug on the project. While Kevin is unsure of the exact reason for the cancellation, he believes that delays related to the Iron Man movie in development at the time may have influenced the decision.

The first gameplay footage shows Iron Man battling enemies in a canyon, hovering, flying and using other techniques we saw in the movie. The visuals and combat dynamics, which look quite good in line with the technology of the time, reveal the potential of the game. The game’s cancellation has disappointed many gamers in the industry.

The fact that EA Motive is currently working on a AAA Iron Man project with an open world concept is a development that excites Marvel fans.

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