Capcom is developing next version of RE Engine

Capcom is developing upgraded version of it’s RE Engine and will use this engine to develop future games. Capcom stated that the next generation of its RE Engine would be more capable and efficient than its predecessor.

Capcom is developing next version of RE Engine

Capcom’s new engine: REX Engine

The RE Engine is Capcom’s main engine for it’s games.┬áThe game developer started developing its proprietary game engine in April 2014 and debuted it and its capabilities in 2017 when it released Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, to much success.

Since then, Capcom used the RE Engine for its other games, such as Monster Hunter Rise, Devil May Cry 5, and more recently, Street Fighter 6 and the Resident Evil 4 remake. However, the powerful yet flexible game engine may be starting to show its age after six years of service; Capcom may soon need a more capable and efficient engine in its future games.

As such, Capcom, in a presentation published on its R&D YouTube channel intended for developers, revealed it is developing a next generation version of the RE Engine. According to the game developer’s presentation, the next Generation RE Engine, codenamed REX (RE: neXt Engine), will address the RE Engine’s various issues which Capcom found during its operation.

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As such, the REX Engine will have a high degree of customization per game and be more efficient in handling large volumes of large size assets. It will also come with “better documentation, samples, and tutorials” and support for multiple languages for the convenience of Capcom’s overseas subcontractors.

Capcom is developing next version of RE Engine

Okami Games, the first to report about the REX Engine, added that it will have the RE Engine’s features while being capable of supporting new technologies, of which there are eight.

Capcom noted that it will introduce its upcoming REX Engine to the existing RE Engine in phases rather than building a new game engine from scratch. The game developer explained that it will “raise the RE Engine to the next generation level” using this method. Unfortunately, Capcom didn’t disclose details of the technologies of its upcoming REX Engine during the presentation, though it promised to do so at another time.

Based on what Capcom revealed in its presentation, it will be some time before the game developer releases a game running the new REX Engine. The latest games that will showcase the RE Engine’s capabilities soon are Dragon’s Dogma 2 and a new Monster Hunter game that the game developer will allegedly release sometime in 2024 if rumors are to be believed.

Regardless, the REX Engine may fix the problems gamers noticed in many of the games Capcom released from 2017 until now, though only time will tell if it actually does.

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