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Drift Release Date

You might imagine being stranded in deep-space to be lonely–at least, that would be the popular perception. Drift release date set to May 2023. A sci-fi multiplayer survival game about explorers in search of food to repair their intergalactic ships and return home.

In ‘Drift’, though, space becomes a little more crowded, with up to 8 players being able to team up and work together to rebuild their wrecked ship, scout out the dangerous asteroid field that they now inhabit, and take on all manner of alien fauna and flora.

Scifi Game Drift Release Date
Drift Release Date

Drift Release Date set to May 2023

With the help of their trusty drone, players in Drift will also be able to collect resources to expand their space-(c)raft, build machines for crafting, and even decorate their newly christened home. Sci-fi afficionados will also welcome the ability to construct a tractor-beam–automating the ability to suck in space-rocks and grind them up for resources!

Drift will feature:

  • A vast open sci-fi world for players to explore, filled with alien fauna and flora.
  • The ability for players to expand their spacecraft, equipping it with all manner of technological goodies.
  • The ability to craft automatons and machines to speed up resource gathering.
  • Full multiplayer capabilities–deep space doesn’t have to be lonely!

A limited, single-player version of Drift is available to play now through their Steam page demo – with the full game releasing May 12th! Just be careful not to drift too far… Oxygen is limited – and space is full of all kinds of dangers.

Play the demo & wishlist Drift here.

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