Horror survival game: The Voidness

The Voidness is a SCI-FI psychological horror survival game where it takes place in the void filled with just gloom and darkness, with your only ability to see is by scanning the map with your range finder device.

Roam freely, scan, mark, explore and try unravel the story – however you are not alone. Something is also lurking with you in the void and they can hear you from your microphone, breathing.

The Voidness is a horror survival game where enemies can hear you from your microphone

The microphone feature that is used in The Voidness allows the enemies to be able to hear you from your microphone if you breathe heavily. Enemies are improved upon on in The Voidness, and they can hear and sense you if you walk on debris, glass or walk over objects that can make noise.

The Voidness is a horror survival game where enemies can hear you from your microphone

That being said the microphone feature won’t be available for the whole horror survival gameprogression unlike the previous titles, but rather only when the enemies are near or if you are in hiding. This is also optional and can be turned off the settings.

The microphone feature adds a little bit more of a challenge for those looking for more immersion experience when using their microphone. Here are new screenshots from the game that’s coming out on 17th March 2023!


  • LIDAR scanning environment: Scan the environment with your range scanner device to see in the darkness and gloom.
  • Terrifying enemies that listens: Try to make past terrifying enemies that listens, and can only be seen by scanning them.
  • Puzzle Solving: Find clues, solve puzzles and try to advance to the next objectives.
  • Microphone Input: When in hiding, the enemy can hear your breathing – through your microphone. Don’t breath. Don’t panic.
  • Upgrades and more: Find and upgrade your scanner to scan vertically, horizontally, increase size of the scan and much more.
  • Level-based story: Uncover the story of what happened inside, horror survival game, The Voidness.
  • Survival elements with full inventory system, objectives, clue-findings and tools to help you in escaping.
  • Find, uncover and unravel the terrifying backstory of, horror survival game, The Voidness within the darkness, your only way to see is by scanning the environment.
  • Stamina System: You won’t be able to outrun it. It will catch you as it never gets tired.
  • Saving Levels System: Save your progress by finding save points, and certain auto-saves.
  • Puzzles to unsolve, mysteries to uncover. Use your mind to overcome obstacles that you will find in your way.
  • Inventory Management: Find supplies, upgrades, health packs and more items will be vital for your survival.
  • Hiding System: Hide from the enemies under tables, while trying to stay quiet as they can hear you from your microphone when you are in hiding mode.
  • Gut Wrecking Moments: Walking on broken glass can make noises that the enemy may hear, same as moving crates or knocking over objects. all these things can give away your position. Try to evade them or use them as your advantages.
  • Stealth System: Try and sneak through the terrifying enemies that can only be seen by scanning them.
  • Plan Accordingly: Plan your next move as it may be your last. Peak around corners, watch your foosteps, move slowly on glass and use stealth.

You can find the The Voidness, horror survival game, on Steam.

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