Epic Games Store is not making any profit after 5 years

Epic Games Store is in big war against one of PC’s gaming platforms, Steam. In this war, Epic Games Store played it’s hand carefully but recent records show that the store is not making any profit after 5 years of it’s launch.

Epic Games Store is not making any profit after 5 years

Epic Games Store is not profitable for Epic

Epic Games Store launched nearly five years ago with eye catching PC exclusives. Since that time, in order to take more attention, Epic Games Store has given free games in order to beat their biggest rival, Steam.

But it looks like these moves were not enough, Epic Games Store did not make any profit for all this time. Epic Games Store boss Steve Allison stated that and said Epic’s goal is still growing. According to The Verge, emails revealed during the Epic versus Apple trial suggested the company was hoping to claim half of all PC gaming revenue.

Considering what Epic is doing in order to make their store better, this outcome is disappointing for company. But giving all these games for free is not everyting at very end.

The Epic Games Store continues to offer publishers and developer an 88/12 revenue split, compared to Valve taking a 30% cut of Steam sales. Epic also launched the First Run programme, which trades 100% of revenue for six months of PC exclusivity.

Epic Games Store is not making any profit after 5 years

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Back in March, the company launched a suite of new self publishing tools designed to help creators and publishers release their games onto the digital store in a more seamless fashion.

In the mean time, Steam continues to dominate the PC gaming market. In January, Valve’s service smashed it’s record for concurrent online users with 32 million players.

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