FIFA’s New Developer Could Be 2K Studios

Electronic Arts, which held the FIFA brand for a long time and released games for this brand, ended its agreement for the FIFA brand last year. After the expiration of this agreement, EA did not go the way of extending the contract for the series and continued their way by changing the name of the brand to EA Sports FC.

After this event, FIFA’s naming rights for games remained idle. Now 2K may have made a new move for FIFA.

Allegedly, FIFA’s New Game Will Come From 2K’s Hands

MohPlay Inc, a famous and reliable source in the gaming industry, wrote that 2K and FIFA have finalized their deal for the idle FIFA brand. According to this claim, 2K has acquired the game rights for the FIFA series. The company is developing a new game for the FIFA series. The game will be released this year. The name of the game will be FIFA2K25.

2K’s studio that developed the NBA series will work on this game. Recently, FIFA President Gianno Infantino made some statements. In these statements, he said that they were working with new partners for the brand and that the company they worked with would also release a new game. With this statement, the reliability rate of the claim is increasing.

With this move, we can say that 2K is a new competitor to Electronic Arts, which has a great power in the football games category. This competition seems to benefit the players the most.

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