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Fntastic Might be Changed Its Name

The famous studio Fntastic from The Day Before, it actually could be rebranded as Eight Points.

Fntastic Might be Changed Its Name

Eight Points, Know as Fntastic

Latest days was occupied with news for The Day Before. After the launch of the game, Fntastic announced that they are shutting down the studio and they will refund the game whoever wants. When The Day Before was initially announced, players were excited about the idea of an MMO survival game set in a zombie apocalypse, especially once Fntastic made the switch to Unreal Engine 5.

However, just like expected, The Day Before faced several delays, and even a trademark dispute, on its troubled way to launch. When it made its debut on Steam, The Day Before released to overwhelmingly negative reviews, with Fntastic being forced to close down the game’s official Discord server merely hours after launch.

However, according to data on SteamDB, it appears that the developer name for The Wild Eight, another game from the same studio, was changed from Fntastic to Eight Points. Due to Fntastic’s lack of credibility, it’s natural to assume that the studio attempted to covertly rebrand itself to escape the ire of the gaming community. That being said, the truth appears to be much simpler: a different studio altogether wanted to distance itself from the Fntastic brand.

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Eurogamer reached out to publisher HypeTrain Digital to clarify the emerging situation. While The Wild Eight was developed by Fntastic initially, the studio discontinued its work after launching the title for early access on Steam. HypeTrain Digital continued development of The Wild Eight independently, before severing all business ties with Fntastic in 2017.

Fntastic Might be Changed Its Name

The problematic association with The Day Before caused HypeTrain Digital to change the developer listed on Steam to Eight Points, as the game received a flood of negative reviews from disgruntled The Day Before players.

As any and all social media presence for The Day Before has been scrubbed by Fntastic, it would appear that the studio behind the infamous zombie shooter truly closed down for good. While there is always the possibility that it will return under a new name in the future, this experience will probably cause players to be even more wary of prelaunch hype.

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