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Genshin Impact 4.4 Spiral Abyss Popular Characters Revealed

A fan made chart list revealed most Abyss popular characters in the Genshin Impact 4.4 Spiral Abyss.

Genshin Impact 4.4 Spiral Abyss Popular Characters Revealed

Genshin Impact 4.4 Spiral Abyss Popular Characters

Spiral Abyss is Genshin Impact’s endgame content, where you build up two different teams and go against many different enemies. In order to collect all stars, you have beat all floors within 4 minutes, except Floor 12. Floor 12 requires 3 minute clear time total.

A new Genshin Impact chart, shared by qri_pretty on Reddit, lists characters that have been the most picked for the Spiral Abyss over the last weeks. Furina, Zhongli, Nahida, Kazuha, and Neuvillette have been the most popular in version 4.4 of the endgame domain.

More than 20 characters with four star rarity, including Chongyun, Candace, Xinyan, Rosa, Beidou, and Lynette, have had less than a 1% usage rate, which suggests that they can’t stay relevant in the meta. As for Genshin Impact’s newly released units, Xianyun and Gaming, they have started with 29.9% and 1.4% rates, respectively.

Most Popular Characters for Genshin Impact 4.4 Spiral Abyss

  • Furina: 79.6%
  • Neuvillette: 76.2%
  • Kazuha: 72.1%
  • Nahida: 71.8%
  • Zhongli: 71.7%
  • Yelan: 67.2%
  • Baizhu: 63%
  • Bennett: 47.9%

Genshin Impact 4.4 Spiral Abyss Popular Characters Revealed

Furina is the most popular character among players and no doubt that this will change. She is the best buffer in the game and it looks like it will remain like that until next buffer character releases.

Aside from sustain characters such as Zhongli, Baizhu and Bennett, Neuvillette is the most popular dps character among players. No surprise in his location, Neuvillette became the best dps in his release and he still keeps his place like that.

Genshin Impact has already started teasing version 4.5 content, including the five star sword user Chiori. She is now confirmed to be the newest playable character that carries the Geo vision. We will see which place she will take when she releases at the Genshin Impact 4.5 patch.

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