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Genshin Impact Fontaine Trailer

Just before the release of the Genshin Impact Version 3.8, Hoyoverse published a video related Genshin Impact Fontaine which will be available in the 4.0 update.

Big Sneak Peak Related Genshin Impact Fontaine Region

Big update related Genshin Impact Fontaine region just got released via the new trailer published in 3 July. New Fontaine characters and another Fatui member showcased in the new trailer.

Big Sneak Peak Related Genshin Impact Fontaine Region
Big Sneak Peak Related Genshin Impact Fontaine Region

There are several characters revealed in the Fontaine trailer but there are no certain information what is their name, what vision they will hold or rarity. We hope to see more information regarding new characters in Fontaine when 4.0 Special Program livestreamed.

You can watch the Fontaine Trailer here:

The new region is expected to bring new stuff to game. New quality of life changes, mechanics and such are expected to be added to game. Diving into water mechanic is confirmed by Hoyoverse in the latest Special Program. Further updates will be revealed very soon by Hoyoverse in the 4.0 Special Program.

You can also learn how to unlock limited Kaeya Skin by reading our article.

Download Genshin Impact from Hoyoverse website.

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