Genshin Impact players discovered a huge bug

Recently a major bug discovered in Genshin Impact, which allows to delete objects from player’s world when in co-op with another player.

Hacking and software modification have been a major gray area for the popular HoYoverse RPG with many private servers existing allowing players to modify the game. HoYoverse has frequently taken legal action against players using third party software, as well as those leaking content from the game early. Now, players have discovered a dangerous new hack within the Chinese servers.

Genshin Impact players discovered a huge bug

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Genshin Impact bug that deletes objects

While Genshin Impact players are not familiar with hacking scene, game had variety of bugs since it’s release. One of the game’s most well known bugs allowed players to use Nahida’s idle animation to fly, often granting access to off limit areas of the game.

Players have also claimed several bugs have persisted since the game’s launch, with Mona’s first Constellation serving as a common example. However, a recent exploit abused by hackers is majorly altering players’ ingame worlds.

Several key pieces of information have surfaced recently from Genshin Impact’s Chinese servers, revealing a major exploit using Sumeru 4* character Kaveh and third party hacking software. The software reportedly allows the hackers to delete major objects from other player’s worlds in Co-Op using Kaveh. (Generally Elemental Skill)

This reportedly sees the objects permanently deleted from the player’s world, not returning even reinstalling the game or using other platforms. HoYoverse has not make an official comment about the game breaking exploit.

Genshin Impact players discovered a huge bug

The list of objects which reported to be able to deleted using the software includes several major pieces of Genshin Impact’s gameplay. Statues of the Seven can be deleted by Kaveh using the exploit, stopping players from activating the Statues and opening up the game’s map.

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Other puzzle mechanisms like Fontaine’s Pneuma and Ousia mechanisms and Time Trials can also be deleted, leaving players unable to complete the challenges and claim their rewards. Some videos have even shown in game bosses like Childe and Azhdaha being deleted using the exploit.

While no official fix has been confirmed by the developers, Genshin Impact’s newest hacking incident will likely see HoYoverse taking legal action once again. HoYoverse has frequently called out both the game’s hacking community and its plethora of leakers, with some leakers even being sued by the Genshin Impact developer.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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