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Gran Turismo Sport is shutting down

Playstation 4 exclusive racing game Gran Turismo Sport will be shutting down on January 31, 2024.

Gran Turismo Sport is shutting down

Gran Turismo Sport will not be available after January 31

Gran Turismo Sport is not a numbered entry, but it’s the seventh game of the main game series of Gran Turismo franchise. Whereas other Gran Turismo games earned critical acclaim and are some of PlayStation’s best selling games, Gran Turismo Sport had a much more mixed reception at the time of its release.

Gran Turismo Sport’s mixed reviews were mainly due to it’s emphasis on online multiplayer. While some outlets enjoyed Gran Turismo Sport’s online multiplayer modes, others weren’t happy that it seemed to come at the cost of tracks and cars, with GT Sport having less content at launch than most other games in the series.

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Unfortunately for players who enjoy Gran Turismo Sport and it’s various online modes, this part will not be available after January 31, 2024.

Gran Turismo Sport’s online multiplayer shutdown will be preceded by the removal of all its DLC on December 1, 2023. Online modes being impacted by the shutdown will include Community, Open Lobby, and the flagship Sport Mode.

Gran Turismo Sport is shutting down

Community creations will also no longer be accessible after the shutdown date. Gran Turismo Sport’s offline modes will still be available and users will still be able to redownload any DLC that they previously purchased.

Sony shutting down Gran Turismo Sport’s online features means that some of the game’s trophies will become unobtainable starting January 31. Anyone interested in getting the Gran Turismo Sport Platinum trophy will definitely want to prioritize playing the game as soon as possible if they hope to fully complete it by the removal date.

Gran Turismo Sport is out now for PS4.

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